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Thoughtfulpiece from photojournalism lecturer on ethics involved in taking and using images, prompted by Sienna Miller’s testimony to Leveson. Agree with her rejection of the usual defences – ‘we made her what she is’ or ‘we’re not like paparazzi’ – and the call for the profession as a group to reflect on practice. Exactly.


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Leveson inquiry

State of UK media

Good piece from Steve Hatchett on state of UK media, as expoosed by Leveson and as familiar to most journalists forever. As a v young, enraged student I collared friends of my mother who, like her, worked for the Express and other Fleet Street tabloids about media responsibility. The answers usually included  ‘it’s only a job’; ‘if it didn’t sell papers we wouldn’t do it;’ to ‘ it’s only entertainment’ – all pretty weaselly ways of off-loading moral ownership.  Same people often fancied the ‘seeker-after-truth’ image of journalism – another interesting example of ethical identities at work.

Currently working on a paper on professional identities and their impact on ethics – some strong case material here.


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