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What does PR look like in different countries? Do we agree on its contribution to organisations and society? How does a capability approach address issues of cultural, media, specialist educational access and other differences that competency frameworks fail to acknowledge? How will this work be of practical value to practitioners, professional bodies and educators?

This pre-conference, hosted by Professor Anne Gregory and the University of Huddersfield Research team, will share mid-term findings from a global research project supported by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management and partner universities in six continents.

The first stage of this two-year project is the identification of core capabilities using the Delphi method with practitioners, academics and employers. Results of this research will be presented by:

  • Professor Jesper Falkheimer, Lund University, Sweden
  • Professor Gregor Halff, Singapore Management University,  Chair of the Global Alliance
  • Professor Ronel Rensburg, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Professor Gabriel Sadi, Interamerican Open University, Argentina
  • Dr Johanna Fawkes, University of Huddersfield, UK

The panel will be chaired by Professor Anne Gregory, Huddersfield.

This will be followed by a wider discussion of the challenges facing scholars and practitioners trying to build a global approach to public relations and communication management. Industry speakers have been invited to lead this debate.

Academics and practitioners are invited to register to attend this event

  • If you would like to present a paper, please submit extended abstracts (500 words) on these themes by March 27. A special edition of the Journal of Communication Management will be dedicated to selected papers presented at this pre-conference.

Contact: Dr. Johanna Fawkes, j.fawkes@hud.ac.uk

More details of the project here: Global Capability Framework, PR & Comms



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